Cyril The Squirrel and Friends and Enemies in
"The Toilet Zone"
Starring Dandruff Duck!
Dandruff Snaps (twice!)
Cyril's Unintentional Revenge

If you can't read what Cyril is saying in the last frame, it's "Oh, that junk. Don't you worry about that, old buddy. I flushed it ALL down the loo."
Heh heh heh. Love that random "The End - Just Kiddin'" pointless gag. I also made this into a 16-colour animation which I fear I may have lost when my last computer broke down. If I find it, it'll be up here quicker than you can say "Acorn Flakes".
NOTE: I think this might have been my first Cyril & Dandruff cartoon, since the title was just Cyril the Squirrel (et al.). It was actually the animation that was titled "The Toilet Zone." Very rarely do I give titles to the "pilot" episode of a new cartoon series.
One of the funniest things about this, I reckon, is Dandruff's breakfast cereal - although it's a bit indistinct in this GIF representation, it's called "Duck Muck". Mmmmm. Sounds appetising.