"Fartoons: Fart Wars" - 1996?
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Most likely inspired by the computerised Star Wars remakes that were invading our movie theatres at the time, I quickly scrawled this thing onto a piece of refill. It's so terrible you hafta laugh. "Fartoons" were a bunch of mainly single-framer cartoons that I made, all of which had a flatulent theme, and were otherwise not funny. So I won't bother you by posting them here.
In case you couldn't make head nor tail of the above comic, here are the hard-to-interpret bits:

Frame I: EMPEROR: And now, Luke Ozonebreaker, thou shalt perish!
Frame III: "Meanwhile, Darth Farter Awakens..."
Frame VII: Darth Farter farts on the Emperor, sending him plummeting to his doom down the tubey thing that he falls down.
Frame IX: A bad smell emanates from the tube.
Frame X: DARTH: Luke, take my gas mask off before I die...
Frame XII: Darth Farter is actually... A BAKED BEAN!!!!!