The Happy Happenings of
Fluffy and Kipper!
That's dizgusting.
That's even worse.

Didn't we have FUN, kids? Wasn't that just POINTLESS on so many levels? I have at least one other F&K comic somewhere. It's called The Ironic Incidents of Fluffy and Kipper where they go on another adventure that ends up being utterly pointless yet satisfying to their small, fluffy minds, such adventures being what F&K always seem to embark on. They are the oldest cartoon characters that I was still drawing by 1996; I created them for the first Tony The Toenail and Friends cartoon way back in early 1995 - even before the Mad Scientists!
The title of today's F&K cartoon is another "Hey Donald, what's a synonym for 'Adventures'?" title. "Happy Happenings." Sheesh. Oh well, if it makes people laugh...

P.S. Yes, Fluffy is a Frog. See his froggy eyes.

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