Character Design Assignment

The outline we were given for this assignment: Design characters and stuff for a graphical adaptation of the story of "Rapunzel".

The Story of Rapunzel Warning: Old fashioned and uncut! Contains violence.

Character: Rapunzel - Showing 3 of the 4 views that I did for each character.

Character: The Prince - Not looking much brighter than his ditzy girlfriend, but that's because he's young & dumb too.

Character: Dame Gothel - Using scorpion-, bird-of-prey- and shark- motifs.

Rapunzel's hair - A nice formula for drawing braids!

Some sketches of Rapunzel's face

An early sketch of the Prince

Full pic #1: Demonstrating some 3-point perspective

Full pic #2: Demonstrating some interior 2-point perspective

Full pic #3: Demonstrating some more 3-point perspective AND foreshortening!

(In addition to these, I did some detailed sketches of the tower and its room, as well as other miscellaneous objects, but they're not really that interesting.)

Everything here is (c)2006 Andrew Kepple. Nah-nah! :-P