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19/08/05 (Visitor Counter=197,787): Back-To-School Special
Here's what I did at school this week, among other things.
I'm one of a few first-year students who have been selected to attend 3 workshops on making "maquettes", which are those 3D sculptures that are built to be scanned into a 3D animation program, using one of them fancy 3-D scanner thingymabobulators. So first, I designed and drew a 2D character. Here he is:

Ahh yes. The face that only a mother could love... if that mother is also the auntie.

So yes. A rather grotesque sort of character. So you can probably imagine the horror that I experienced when the tutor said that we had to model our characters so that they're not wearing any clothing. Oh yes. Animation is a dirty, dirty business.
Well, the next step was to have the anatomy redesigned to give him a proper skeletal structure underneath, which is the standard for 3D animated humans. None of this classical animation nonsense where he's made up of spheres and whatnot, and probably couldn't even stand upright!

Maw, we's gawna hayuv us some roadkill stew!
Get me mah bayun-joe! I's gawt no clotheses awn! Hyurr hyurr hyurr!

And then, a wire frame is made.

This is all that we got to do today. The next workshop is in 2 weeks from now, but I'll update TmsT again before then. Probably.
Y'all come bayuck now, y'hear, y'all? Hyuck hyuck hyuck! Hyule hyule hyule! Yeeee-haw!
8/21/05 (Dixie format date!) (Visitor Counter=198,054): More Redneck Fun!
Looky-here Maw, I drawded me's a pick-a-chure!

And if'n y'all wanna daown-load it into yer hawd-drahv, y'all c'n right-clicks here'n see-lect "Sayuv Tar-geet Ays"!