Revenge of the underdogs

Just say NO, Post-Ironic! Oh wait - you can't speak...
Whoah, man

(To view the following pictures in trippy, 3-D viewmaster-vision, go cross-eyed until the two adjacent images resolve into one stereoscopic image. Spinny!)

Got my dope, got my Barrel-O-Monkeys, got my Viewmaster!

Unexpected, this is!


Mmmm... Vodka...

That's me!


Cloud Painting #3



Falling for it

How to draw matter/anti-matter explosions

COMMENTS: They had Viewmasters back in the days of B&W Porky Pig, didn't they? Well, anyway, I hope y'all can see the 3-D effects. Remember, make your right eye look at the left picture and your left eye look at the right picture. It's NOT like a "Magic Eye" random-dot stereogram, it's the other way around. If you still can't get the 3D thing to work, try looking at the pictures while you are utterly stoned. Then they will leap into whacky 3D trippiness!
I deliberately used all kinds of random objects from around my bedroom for the 3-D trip sequence; The hallucination that says "She is a singer..." is a passport photo of myself (which doesn't really give an accurate repesentation of me, even in the 3D version). This three-dimensionality bit has made "Post-Ironic Pig" an actual web-comicTM, rather than just a comic that also happens to be on the web.
I started drawing the cartoon in November or December last year, and then lost interest in it. But in a flash of procrastination, I got back to it and finished it off, half a year later. And it has turned out to be the longest PIP episode yet. I hope it was worth it. Oh, and don't let the picture of the Mir Space Station in the opening frame fool you, I saved the background of that frame until last.

This cartoon, I must regrettably confess, is utterly swollen with corny gags and obscure references, some of which are to music videos. If you notice these and groan, I apologise. If you don't notice them, I won't point them out for you.
Incidentally, the Wilderbeestie Boys are the only celebrity rip-offs in PIP thus far who have not been destroyed. Oh well, maybe some other time...

And don't you worry about Cyril The Squirrel and Six-Pack Seal, they'll be back. (-;