Latest Cartoon: 31/10/01: Just in time for Hallowe'en 2001!

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Page Four: Mars Attacks!

COMMENTS: Planet Earth has made one complete orbit around the sun since episode IV (Post-Ironic Pig at the Olympic Games) was posted on the 'net, and only two episodes have been drawn since. Eeg. Well, at least I'm still able to crank out quality PIP cartoons that have a theme and yet manage to incorporate all manner of "topical stuff"...
This episode managed to deal with such topical things as: life on Mars, the Space Program, Geeks/Trekkies/Memorabiliacs(people who collect geeky stuff), sponsorship shortcuts, science fiction, projectiles that accidentally collide with foreign embassies, alienation, animal experimentation and alien dissection, while still making references to classic cult sci-fi, and including cameos of Buzz "Buzzard" Aldrin (the second guy on the moon; second comes right after first!), Stephen Hawking "Hawk" (the disabled genius who does black hole theory stuff), and Robert "Rabbit" Zubrin (the nut-case for Mars). All of these celebrities were dealt with in the Post-Ironic Pig tradition: bump 'em off! (And I imagine that their real-life counterparts would never be seen dead, so to speak, at a sci-fi convention, as they all insist that their own ideas are science fact. Yeah right, Buzz. "Lunar tourism." Pfft. Whatever.)
Anyway, the duo near the end who are more human in appearance are just Mulder & Scully with animal ears on. Too bad there was neither sufficient time nor storyline to kill them off. Obviously Fox Mulder ought to be a fox, but I couldn't think of an animal that sounded like "Dana Scully" or "Gillian Anderson". Late suggestions, anyone? (But we all know she's a "fox", anyway.) The alien sidekick is to insinuate the similarities between "Team X-files" and "Team Rocket" from Pokemon.
Good ol' Post-Ironic Pig: combining retro sci-fi cheese with modern-day space-program antics.

Oh yeah, and did you notice that Cyril the Squirrel and Six-Pack Seal are back?

NB: Ares is the name that the ancient Greeks gave to the selfsame god of war that their Roman counterparts referred to as Mars. Hmmm I hope there hasn't actually BEEN a spacecraft called "Ares". Let me just Googlecheck that. (Seconds later!) Nope, looks like I'm safe... for now.

Possible themes for episode VII:
"Post-Ironic Pig: The Movie"
"Post-Ironic Pig Runs For President" (I haven't done much political stuff yet)
"Post-Ironic Pig Survives The Apocalypse" (I probably shouldn't do this, given the ability of PIP cartoons to foretell future events...)
"Post-Ironic Pig's Daytime Talk-Show"
"Post-Ironic Pig Minds His Own Business"
"Post-Ironic Pig Versus Reality TV"
"Post-Ironic Pig Wakes Up In A Bleak Futuristic Nightmare-World Where Computer Geeks Do Battle With Evil Robots"

But who knows? I guess I'll just keep watching the skies... I mean, watching the news. And checking my e-mail from you lot!