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(Self portrait) ^

These are a few of the caricatures that I've drawn over the last few years. They're of people who I know or have met, and/or famous people whose faces are just asking for it, really.
Most of these were drawn for animations, university theatre publicity, magazines, comics, online chat display pics, & forum avatars.
Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Owen WilsonChuck NorrisCANTA Rock N Roll cover artMr TSpock/Leonard NimoyGreen Leafs (as in YATTA!)Napoleon Dynamite charactersGet your own AK caricatureBest FriendsBack To The Future 3 charactersDoctor DementoMaddoxLemon Demon and friendsMuSoc 2004CANTA CoverMuSoc 2003Stand-Up Comedy PosterMore Stand Up ComedyPavlova ProductionsFine University Comedy - castSkit 101 - castThe Chronicle - a Uni of Canterbury publicationIMHOSTFU dot com web forumanonymousRhiannon Marriott-Foreman Chartered Accountants and Business AdvisorsIMHOSTFU Halloween 2006JacqVirtual StingJuttman & his GrandmotherVanessa & AngelaTaniaAntilaLemon Demon and friends - colour


(c)2006 Andrew Kepple

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