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15/03/03: I HAVE CREATED A(nother) MONSTER!

Don't blame me...
...I only drew it!


One day, I started a thread in the Strife Forums requesting ideas for a GCW cartoon. Little did I know that it would take so many pages to fit all the ideas in! Thanks guys!

The suggestions were:

* A religeous figure in an outrageous situation (Sleeping with the NZ PM, Sniping people in Washington...) [The Pope.]
* Andrew Kepple in a very compromising situation (not a drawing, a photograph!) [Possibly the ONLY such photo of me in existence.]
* Either an Aria Giovanni lookalike! (Too few females in a leading role) OR Arnold Schwarzenegger or Duke Nukem acting in a NON FEMININE way [As you wish! Remember, you said OR, not AND.]
And prefered, some sort of puzzles and other things to do. You know, the kind they have in comics for twelve year olds. For example "connect the dots to see who's the villain" or "count the number of S's on the page" or even "count the number of misplaced apostrophes in the text" and then draw a winner and the one that wins gets to be the dopefish of the week! [The first person to e-mail me with the correct answer gets to be the next Dopefish of the Week.]
* How about lots of naked chicks (women, not infantile chickens) running about? [Pervy, aren't we?]
* I WANT LOTS OF INFANTILE CHICKENS!!!!!!! [Done... at last!]

[At this stage, I requested a title.]

* "{insert title here}"?
* "What was I thinking?"
* Max Pain?
* GCW Episode?
[Alrightyho then. We have some winners.]

[So, having got several titles, I requested more storyline ideas.]

* THE MATING HABITS OF GARGS! [Yucky! Okay fine.]
* "Why webcomic authors should NEVER turn to their fanbase for ideas?" [Oh, I wouldn't say "NEVER"...]
* "When Nuclear Missiles Attack, next on Fox!" [Spot the pun, there.]
* "GCW meets (insert other TMST comic here)" [Mulletboy... The story takes a Pulp Fiction style twist!]
* "The rebirth of Post-Ironic Pig!" [Okay, fine.]
* Three hundred and fourteen dodgeballs of various sizes, shapes and colours have appeared at a local zoo, in the lion-tiger-bear commune den, and no one (with the exception of Zeeky H. Bomb, yay) knows where they came from. [Done!]
* Sluggy & Mav's day off; what could possibly go wrong? [Heh heh heh. What indeed?]
* Mozzy gets hold of a T3 line, what could possibly go wrong? [Mozzy is a mosquito.]
* FLYING MARTIAN PENII!!!!!! [You asked for it!]
This last one was suggested by an unruly young man who habitually uses the made-up word "penii" as the plural of "penis". Nobody suggested anything after that. I wonder why.
I seemed to handle that suggestion quite well, don'tcha think?

Okay, so nobody suggested "Sluggy gets some action" but I'm the artist so I'll draw what I like, dammit.

This week's comic (yet to be fully updated) is dedicated to those who gave me suggestions: [Labrat]Trasher, Samurai Swashbuckler, Antila, Cholerae, El Phuel, HanC, Adereth/Ikosavhædron, Maverick, and Mosquito.

Today's Quote:
"Oh boy, I'm gonna get quoted on that one, ain't I?" -Cholerae

I think he was talking about something naughty.

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