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19/05/03: Stop Bloody Swearing!


Ooo-oo, what's being built up to, here? Tune in next week and find out!

Today's comic is dedicated to people who know that consumers of bottled water are all dumb-ass morons. Buying bottle water for any reason - be it convenience, health, hypochondria, or the desire for social conformity - means that YOU SUCK. Literally and also in other ways. Mark my words, you'll be buying bottled air, next. The air we breathe from the atmosphere IS dirtier than the water that we drink from the tap, so why not? And I suppose you'll also be UBER-hypocritical by being a Bottled Air consumer AND a smoker. Lighting up, pumping those impurities into the air for the rest of us to breathe while you sip away on your Bottled Air cannister. And I suppose you'll also cover yourself in an enormous lightproof suit to shield yourself from the sun's rays, because only BOTTLED LIGHT is high-quality enough for your body. The next step is that you will just bottle yourself away, forever forgotten like a sailor's message in a bottle, waiting to be washed up on distant shores a hundred years later and put in a museum.

Today's Quote:
"Is it normal to wake up in the morning in a sweat because you can't wait to beat another human's guts out?" -Joe Kapp.

ANOTHER?!?!? One human is enough disembowelling for me, thankyouverymuch.

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