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Friday, Week Sixteen: 20/04/01

Hey kids! Sing along with Noel, to the tune of "Somewhere, Over The Rainbow" from "The Wizard Of Oz"! Hit "Play" on the MIDI-player below, and wait through the six-bar intro...

NOTE: If you can't see the MIDI-player, then try loading the MIDI file (overastr.mid) HERE.

In space, no-one can hear you sing
A tearful moment, here. )..:

Wasn't that poignant?
Noel's sentiments are shared, I am sure, by the Mars Society, since NASA stopped making plans to send anyone to the Red Planet.

May I just announce that the MIDI composer program "Anvil Studio" is by far THE WORST-MADE COMPUTER PROGRAM EVER RELEASED. Yes, even worse that the likes of "Microsoft WordTM" and the software that "controlled" the ill-fated Ariane 5 rocket in 1996. Failing most of Neilsen's Usability Heuristics, "Anvil Studio" contains many bugs and lacks vital features which most people of any musical background would come to expect of a music-making program.
Okay, it took me three hours to make the first two verses of my cheesy space-themed arrangement of "Over The Rainbow", and it was so irritatingly frustrating that I gave up in disgust and instead used my local University's Mac version of Encore 4.5 for a mere two hours to make the MIDI file which you are listening to right now (if you have the right system specs). Well, anyway, that's my rant about "Anvil Studio" - what a piece of junk. I sure hope somebody got fired over that one.

Oh no! It appears that MIDI files are no longer accessible from GeoShitties!!!! I sure hope somebody at Yahoo! gets fired for that one, too! Cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )...:

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How many different examples of sci-fi memorabilia can you identify in today's episode (including musical motifs in the MIDI file, and excluding Noel's hanging mobile)? I reckon twenty (although some of them are so badly rendered that you'll only get them if you recognise them). If you think you've found them all, e-mail me with the answers for your special prize!

Note: Prize consists of the message, "Wow, you be more of a geek than I!"


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