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Friday, Week Seventeen
We interrupt your regularly scheduled web-comic to bring you a word from our sponsor!

We interrupt this web-comic...

No, that's NOT supposed to be the US president; I simply wanted the man to look like a stereotypical cheesy sales-pitch guy, so I gave him cheesy eyes, ears, eyebrows, lips... and by the third to last frame, it suddenly occurred to me the similarity between him and George Dub-ya Bush Jr. It gave me a bit of a fright... but then, I DID set out to create a cheesy sales-pitch guy, so what do you expect?

Of course, web-cartooning isn't as easy as all that. It involves hours of hard work, deep thought, dedication, inspiration, perspiration, expiration and loads of spare time. And it appears, ironically, that I, the owner of, the one they call "Father Spare Time" and pioneer of the spare-timespace continuum, no longer have sufficient spare time at my disposal to continue this cartoon. Well, maybe I do, but ehhhh....... can I be bothered? I mean, cartoons about a couple of lemmings and stuff? Surely I should be justifying my existence in more meaningful ways, like, I dunno, solving world hunger, for example? Why are we here? It's not to draw cartoons, is it? When the apes of long ago fell *spluntch* out of the trees and began making fire and tools and whatnot, surely the path of their evolution was not to produce a creature designed for drawing graphic sequential art? The fact that humans are capable of such things is merely a coincidence.
Isn't it?
How can the ability to create such complexities be nothing more than an accident? Well, anyway, stay tuned for the up-coming finale of GCW.
Tell your friends.
Watch in morbid fascination as the supply of future updates of this comic dwindles through neglect, much as the altitude of the Mir space station was left to dwindle until the mighty structure burned up on re-entry. Similarly, you will not raise your eyes to the night sky in search of those vapour clouds that spanned the opposing horizons as you did when Mir decayed, but instead direct your browsers to (oh, what a foreboding meaning this URL has assumed!) as the story of GCW exhausts itself.
The deathmarch begins.
But rest assured, it will not end arbitrarily. The storyline will not stop in mid-flight and simply halt forever; neither will it blast its rockets and sail off into the infinity unreachable.

It will end with an ending.

How will it all end? In Three episodes, that's how! Stay tuned!
The countdown starts here...
2) "Noel and Leon's Final Hour on Earth"
1) The!End
0) The Epilogous Eulogy


The 1st GCW EVER! The Sucky Episode Noel & Leon's Final Hour on Earth