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04/01/04: Happy Birthday, Goodbye Cruel World!

Tricksy little lemmingses!

A bit of mindless, copyright infringing fun to kick off GCW's fourth year, The Year Where We've Already Done So Many Comics That We Have To Resort To Plunging To An eXtra Level Of Stupidity In Order To Continue Our Tradition Of Wackiness Without Getting Too Repetitive. Or, if that's too much of a mouthful, "TYWWADSMCTWHTRTPTAXLOSIOTCOTOWWGTR" for short.

This episode is also a little bit avant garde, for a GCW comic, in that it features the uncensored word "bastard" and graphically depicts Gollum's bare buttocks. Oh, the revolutionary-ness of it all! I can feel the very ground beneath my feet breaking from this groundbreaking feat of ... Hmmm, I need to sleep.

The "Goodbye, Cruel World!" series:
The 1st GCW EVER!Same Dangers, New Threats
All me cartoons wot I've put on the 'net:
Noel LemmingGoodbye, Cruel World!Leon Lemming

The continuing adventures of Noel Lemming, Leon Lemming, God, Satan (AKA Nigel), Xenical, Martians, Zombies, Winston the Excrement, Edward, Pun-Man, Sarcastronaught, Distinguished Scientist, Wayne Clark, Da Grim Rapper, Osama bin Laden, leprechauns, cocks, and also some really whacky characters.
WARNING: This web-comic features animated jelly-wrestling, comic blasphemy, drugs, glorification of Goth-ism, fun-poking at authority figures, blatant copyright infingement and hard core pun. Parental discretion is advised, i.e., don't let your folks find out that you read this comic! Updated at least once every week! The GCW Archives are here.
Latest update: 26/12/03


Old Cartoons from the 20th Century

Funny stuff that I drew years and years ago. Mad scientists, anthropomorphous toenails and cruelty to/from animals.
Latest update: 21/10/03

Recommended24 Hour Comics!

24-page comics drawn within 24 continuous hours. Two of the best comics on this website.
Aliens Stole My Homework

Aliens Stole My Homework - 22/11/02. What do you do when you find out that your teachers are aliens from outerspace? You stop doing your homework, that's what!
Lost Valley of the Fridges!
Lost Valley of the Fridges - 24/09/01. 24 pages of refrigerated family feel-good-ness. Not for the weak of stomach (or tear-duct).

Post-Ironic Pig

Nine cheesy, retro cartoons set in the modern transmillennial era.
Final update: 09/08/02

Commander Keen Cartoons

Including "The Universe is Toast!" "Eat Your Veggies!" and the Chasm of Strife comics. This is my "fan art", since Commander Keen is not my invention.
Continually updated.

"SC┼PEGOAT-SG1: The Uboonian Revolution"

A blatant parody of that unbearable millitary sci/tech-fi TV-spinoff, "STARG┼TE-SG1". We're now into the second series!
Still being updated!
MulletBoy Animations!

Short, humorous animations about a boy who has a mullet.
Latest Update: "Frogged" - March 2003
...And All The Others:
Miscellaneous cartoons that don't go into the above categories:

The Pencil Case Pals in "Visitors From Uranus" More "cute but wrong"-ment. (Black Friday 2003)

The Matrix... as you've never seen it before.

Hobbit Love: The Seduction of Samwise Gamgee NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN OR TOLKIEN FANS. It's SICK.

September the ??th humour! NOT September 11.

Probably SHOULD seeThe Consequences of Spider-Man - For every superhero, there is an equal and opposite super-lame-o. (We humans are just so pathetic and lame, aren't we?)

Captain's Log - Lowest common denominator toilet humour. Hmhmheheh.

Here Comes The Airplane - Macabre. Deceptively subtle, the "hidden" meaning suddenly slams into your face like an...

Nelson Postcard #1 and...
Nelson Postcard #2

AAAA Chapter Three. "It's Full Of Stars" - MEEEE, I tell you!

AAAA Chapter Two. "Andrew's Wander" - MORE ME, ME, ME!

"Pokegate" Is it a parody of Stargate... or Pokemon?

"Andrew's Auckland Armageddon Adventure" Chapter One. "Getting There Is Half The Fun" - the exciting and sexy real-life adventures of Me, ME, MEEE!!!

"Would You Like Fries With That?"Welcome to da fast food gangsta scene. (From October 2001)

Untitled A cheesy advertisement, hosted by Guy Cheesy!(20/02/02)

Recommended"Commander Keen: Ten Years On" - a mockumentary about the tragic downfall of Commander Keen's real-life alter ego. Okay, so it should be in the Chasm page, but it's just so MUST-SEE that it has been awarded TheFlyingFish's "Dopefish Seal of Fnordness" (whatever that is), and has been described by Joe Siegler (of 3D Realms) as "****ing awesome!" I quite like it, too. (28/01/02)

Recommended"The Rasta Clause" "'Twas the night before Christmas and all through my shack, Not a creature was stirring... they were all stoned on dak." And so it goes on this way. (11/12/01)

"The Pencil Case Pals" Just like a Japanese pencil case, only crunchy. (31/10/01)

"7 Useful Uses for a dead Osama bin Laden" ...And I didn't even put my name on it. \-:

"Improv In-Joke" A self-referent cartoon where improvisational theatre meets Captain Planet.

"INVASION OF THE ALIEN INVADERS FROM ANOTHER PLANET!" - A poster wot I made for somebody's show that never actually eventuated (well, not yet, anyway). (2000)

"The KAOS Secret Handshake" I won't tell if you won't. (2000) - Geocities deleted this one, sorry.

"Rudolf the Regect Reindeer" When reindeer(s?) go bad. Partly inspired by the Columbine High School Massacre. (2000)

Recommended"Psykomon: Pikachu Goes Bad" My first web comic ever, revealing the terrible truth about Pokemon. (2000)

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THE ORIGINAL COMIC that I drew of what is now an animated blockbuster movie.

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