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(C)2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 Andrew Kepple.

Can this comic really be TWO years old already? Wow, that's like ... really old ... in cat years... and probably even older in lemming years! To think that when I messily "Neopainted" that first Noel Lemming cartoon on my Dad's 80486 computer back in 1995, unaware that in the early 21st century it would be reborn as an epic web-comic, is quite... eyebrow-raising.
So will GCW still be here in one year's time? Who knows - perhaps it'll be GCW, but not as we know it today. Now that I'm into the third year of what was originally planned to be a "one-year stand", I think it is time to stand GCW on its head at some point; redefine a few parameters, kill off some characters, deal with some of those long-term storylines, and maybe finally wrap this thing up next year...

...okay, forget that last one, that'll never happen. But I'll try. Just like Noel, I'll keep trying to end it all, but with completely no success, much to the amusement of you lot. (-:



The Year 2002:
GCW Banner 2002
(C)2000, 2001, 2002 Andrew Kepple.
Updated at least once a week!
Well, I guess GCW isn't such a "new" web-comic any longer! We're turning one year old now, and 2002 is shaping up to be an even whackier, crazier, foolisher year than 2001, improbable as it may seem. The visitor counter is motoring along like never before, and through a bit of clever yet simple HTML, I've invented a way to make people vote for me on Planet Cartoonist more often! The unexpected storyline that sprouted from all the "random" anecdotes of Noel & Leon has spawned heaps of new characters and the whole GCW-universe is really starting to become something GOOD.

So, what next? More of the same? Yes, and yet, also more of the completely different. It has even been suggested that I do a book. Let's just wait and see. This web-comic thing is utterly unpredictable.


The Year 2001:

Tony The Toenail Presents...
GCW Banner 2001
(C)2000, 2001 Andrew Kepple.
Updated every weekday - NEW ZEALAND TIME!!!! (That's as early as it gets!)
Welcome to a NEW web comic! Goodbye Cruel World Follows the morbid misadventures of two freakish lemmings: Noel, the unsuccessful suicidalist, and Leon, who apparently has a psychological disorder that makes him enjoy and appreciate life to the fullest. Does this sound sitcom-ish yet? Read the intro story to find out more. Otherwise, stay tuned for weekdaily, full-colour, fully disturbing, and just plain foolish cartoons!