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Wednesday, Week Thirty-Five!
31/10/01: The Welcome Back/Hallowe'en Special! 

We're baa-aack...

Planet Earth was lost
in a big, blue
explosion from the
Martian Earth-Destruct
missile! How will
it all turn out?
Read on!
Sayonara Seinfeld!

Well folks, that's the resolution to last time's episode when all you gullible puny Earthlings thought that your pathetic planet was doomed! Well, actually your pathetic planet is doomed, but that's another story...
I heard somewhere that one of the creators (perhaps the producer?) of the sitcom Seinfeld died in the September 11 terrorist attacks on the WTC. Well, I don't know if that's true or not, but I'm not going to let a bunch of suicidal terrorists prevent me from using this cartoon which was conceived well before these tragic attacks took place. 
DISCLAIMER: Seinfeld getting blown to smithereens by a Martian missile is not intended to symbolise New York being hit by terrorists in aeroplanes.
I also hear that several TV series in the US are rewriting certain episodes to avoid NY and aviation -related faux-pas-es (excuse my pronunciation) that might lose them some ratings. I just can't wait for all these "lost episodes" of our favourite (and non-favourite) TV shows to be someday aired when the WTC tragedy is simply another exciting historical event, like the Titanic disaster, merely another merchandising opportunity or inflatable bouncy castle for kids to jump all over. (Yes, there are giant inflatable semi-sunken Titanics appearing in carnivals the world over. Of course, by the time a semi-demolished World Trade Center with a couple of aeroplanes poking comically out of it becomes an inflatable attraction, I will be too old and senile to bounce up and down on it like our grandchildren will be doing...)

Ahem - anyway, the last thing you want is to hear another opinion on that matter, so ... Welcome back to GCW! Today (Hallowe'en) signifies one year since I penned the first episode of GCW. This new series has a lot of surprises in store for you, including ideas that I had wayyy back at the start of it all and which have been patiently waiting for the plot to develop in their direction.

NEWS: "Homicidal Halloween, Everybody!"


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