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23/08/01: Thursday, Week Thirty-Four
The "End Of The Third Series/Planet" Special!

This is it, the grand finale to the third series! The cliffhanger so cliffhangerously cliffhanging, that you'll think it's the GCW episode to end all GCW episodes! And so without further adon't, here it is...

THE!END (again)

He picked up the piece of paper again and placed a little tick in the little box. Well, that was done. His ship slunk off into the inky void.

In spite of having taken what he regarded as an extremely positive piece of action, the Grebulon Leader ended up having a very bad month after all. It was pretty much the same as all the previous months except that there was now nothing on the television any more. He put on a little light music instead.

Shocked silence.

Oh, no! has Andrew finnaly cartooned GCW into a dead-end? How will he get out of this one without resorting to those SUCKiest of cliches, "And Then I Woke Up", "And Then They Went Back In Time" or "Just Kidding"? Hey, why not read Today's News to read his final address (for now)?

If this is your first time having visited this page, having heard about GCW from the Armageddon Comics expo in Wellington, here's a big, Earthling welcome! Sorry that I'm on "cartooning holiday" at the moment, but the GCW storyline will resume in November. In the meantime, CHECK OUT THE PREVIOUS EPISODES and thanx for visiting - ya'll come back now, yhear?

By the way, it's no coincidence that this episode is shaped like a... TOMBSTONE!
NOTE: The quote beneath this geoannihilating cartoon is from the end of the last book of the Hichhiker's Guide series. Goodnight!

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