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12/12/01: The "Crumpets Are Edible" Special! 

Panto Landlord

So what is the terrible secret of Edward's Mum's past? It's obvious if you look back at the first episode where Pun-Man's family were introduced. I think I'll call them the Robinsons. "The Pun Family Robinson"... yes, that has a nice ring to it. Thanks, Jason.

The "Crumpets Are Edible" Special? What the hell kind of a special is THAT you may well demand, slapping the monitor with the back of your hand and spluttering red-facedly. Well, I couldn't find any important historical stuff associated with December the 12th, so I just thought, "Hey, crumpets are edible. Now that is truly something special." After all, if crumpets were inedible, one could only use them as sponges. Sponges which, I may hastily add before you try to convince me otherwise, would fall apart very quickly. Celebrate the edibility of crumpets for the next two days. Hmm, good idea. I'm going to stop by the 24-hour supermarket on my way home (it's 0110hrs now) and get some crumpets. Mmmm... Cruuuuumpets.... (drool!)

Ahem! Hem! Hmmm. In other news, I just finished drawing the GCW Christmas Special today, but do you care? Nooooo, because you're still five episodes away from it! But wait a bit - five episodes? Doesn't that correspond to, like, twenty days? In twenty days' time it'll be the first day of next year, not Christmas day! (Duh, Andrew!) Well in that case I'll have to .... give you more GCW updates than usual! That's right, GCW will be updated every two days from now on until my birthday! But do you care? Noooooo, you just read my comics and don't even bother to send me congratulatory e-mails and pledges of alliegance to GCW or anything.
But don't worry, I won't get upset, I'll forgive you. This is, after all, the season of peace on Earth (and on the Internation Space Station) and goodwill to all men (and women). So I'm giving you an unrelated cartoon with a Christmassy theme, "The Rasta Clause". Happy reading!

Today's Quote:
"Fiction is the truth inside the lie."
- Stephen King


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