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08/12/01: The Ninety-First Episode Special! 

But first, a moment of silence as we remember Sir Peter Blake -- one of New Zealand's most legendary of heroes, who was shot to death by Amazon pirates on Wednesday night.

Sir Peter Blake, deceased.
Well! Now let's read the comic and laugh! Er... well, maybe smile a little.

The Story So Far

Oh no, a cliffhanger! Or to put it more exactly, a pit-hanger. Or, to put it with a pun, a Pitts-hanger, since it's our friend Edmund Pitts from "Goodbye Real World!", the first "Reality TV island" episode, who is hanging above the blopping cauldron along with Noel and Sternshaw (maybe I should have called him Cliff instead of Edmund). But I won't put it that way, since the title was enough of a pun to give us our daily overdose of Pun-Man.

Today's Quote:
"The chemistry has to be right, the attitudes have to be right, and people have got to be able to have fun, or they won't give everything of which they are capable"
- Sir Peter Blake


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