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Wednesday, Week Seven: 14/02/01 = SAINT VALENTINE'S DAY

Crime and PUN-ishment
Heh! This is the resolution - nay, the apology - to The Worst GCW Episode EverTM, namely "An Incredibly Humorous Observation Of Public Transport", and proof that sequels don't suck if the original was unbeatably sucky. Kindalike Once Were Warriors and its apologetic sequel, What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted? (Nah, just kidding, they aren't web-comics. But they should be. There should be a Once Were Warriors-inspired web-comic called "Cook Me Some Eggs, Bitch".)

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day... just because I forgot to do a GCW V-Day spesh doesn't mean I don't love you.
The reason that I don't love you is because you're ugly. ((-:<

The 1st GCW EVER! CTHUMP! Cthulhu Sings!