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Friday, Week Four: 26/01/01

Now that's what I call... A COM-ic-PLETE DISASTER!
Ladies and gentlemen? I would like to take this opportunity to profoundly apologise for the above cartoon. It is in no way indicative of the standard of any GCW cartoons yet to come, even though it may not seem so bad compared to other web-comics. I will resume posting cartoons that do not SUCK, from next week onwards.

Oh dear. What was I thinking with this one? I obviously wasn't. Well, I had to introduce "Pun Man" in some god-awful way, and that's what I've done. You can bet your last kopek that he is to be... "disposed of" in a future GCW.
If you saw the "Croc' of schist" gag coming, congratulations. (I won't judge you or kill you in your sleep for it.)

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