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Monday, Week Five: 29/01/01
Your favourite urban myth comes to life!
We all know the urban myth about "Ol' Man ____", "who's been dead for XXX years", and still gives rides to "out of towners", don't we? Well, now we do. This is another comic that I had no idea how it would end when I started drawing it. I hope you like the lightning flash in the 6th frame, lighting up Noel through the venetian blinds. And the subliminal ghost-face in the clock. Oo, spooky.
Another thing that I didn't notice until now is that when the out-of-towner walks in through the door, his hand is concealing the "P" of the "OPEN" sign. Or does it really say "OPEN"? Maybe it really sez "OMEN"?!?!? OooooOOOoo!

No, it probably says "Oven".

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