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Week 4, Thursday: 25/01/01

Martian Conspiracy #1

I invented this conspiracy for two reasons:
1: When I was 6, I read this cheeeeesy picture book that was probably published in the '60's or '70's, and it went on about how there is plant life on Mars and one day we will go there and meet the Martian animals who have "large lungs to gulp down the thin air". So when I later found out that since this book had been published it had been established that there is no life on Mars, it was more traumatic for me than finding out that there was no Santa Claus. Heh.
2: Some of the NASA geeks doing the Viking project who decided that because their multi-million dollar experiment on Viking I's lander showed that there was no life on Mars, their experiment was therefore faulty to the point of unreliability. Hmm. This cartoon is for you; you know who you are.
3: An opportunity to have a real, live spinning newspaper! Surely THIS is what the internet was invented for: solving the problem of drawing a "spinning newspaper" in comics! Thanks, Mr. Gore!

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