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03/03/03: The United Overweights of America


Today's poke in the ribs is inspired by a thingy on the 6pm news a while back where scientists had discovered a gene that allowed lab mice to eat all they liked without getting fat. The news reporter went on to say that scientists had discovered a cure for overweightness, as if the world's fat people were the unfortunate vitims of some terrible genetic disease. What next? A cure for the terrible genetic condition known as blondness? A cure for {insert favourite ethnicity}-ness? These are people's GENES for crying out loud! You don't just "cure" people of that sort of thing dammit! What were the scientists planning on doing? Adding the "thin" gene to every sequence of DNA in every cell of their patient's body? No, they could only genetically engineer a person's potential offspring to have the thin gene. In other words, they could only make hypothetical people thin.
Spleen vented .....100% I hope nobody got hit.

Today's comic is dedicated to the control mouse (who didn't get the thin genes).

Today's Quote:
"I walked down an alley and I got stuck; I've got more rolls than a pastry truck" -Weird Al Yankovic, "Grapefruit Diet"

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