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24/02/03: Look, I "DREW" a cartoon!

Drew Carey Bites The Big One

It had to happen. Somebody had to come along and tell Drew Carey that he SUCKS at hosting Whose Line Is It Anyway and that Clive Anderson was way better. And somebody obviously did, because good ol' Clive is back again, hosting the latest series.
But HOW did Clive reclaim his throne, you may have wondered in the past. Well now you know.
And so we bid goodbye to that boring little storyline about the Apostrophes (until I do a "flashback" episode), thanks to Noel being unconscious for it all. Heh. Enjoy your cake!

Today's comic is dedicated to the cast, host, and muso of Whose Line.

Today's Quote:
"Let them eat cake" -Marie Antoinette

(...but in French)

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