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Monday, Week Thirty-Two
06/08/01: The "Penultimate Episode Of Series Three" Special!

[Cue Stripper Music]

How come Noel's so uncomfortable with his nudity, when Leon goes around with no pants on at all? I guess that's just another reason why Noel and Leon are complete opposites.
If you're a die-hard-core GCW fan, you'll tattoo "Earth Sux" on your buttocks, too!
So, as series three draws to a cadence, GCW's first ever *holiday* also impends. That's right - no more GCW for a few weeks - how will you survive? Well, I'll leave you with another double-page MIDI-musical next week, and tell you what date to come back to GCW on.

But in the meantime, Click Here For This Month's Newsflash!

The ASCIIs... coming soon... or never.

The 1st GCW EVER! A Delay We're All Going To Hell!