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Wednesday, Week Thirty-One!
01/08/01: The "The Disks I Was Using Got Data Errors When I Was Making Backups And They Even Corrupted The Original" Special!

Imation Sucks!!!!

This week's MIDI has been delayed because while I was backup up the file, it dodgy Imation disks BOTH corrupted all their data and everything was lost. Boo hoo. Please wait while I start from scratch. And remember, beware of "cheap Imations".
This is not the only incident of loss of files due to data errors thanks to Imation disks that I've had this week. Curse Imation's black heart! Lifetime warrantee my ass!

The ASCIIs... coming soon... later.

The 1st GCW EVER! In The Hall Of The Martian King Starkers! Naked! Nude! No Clothes On!