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12/11/02: ME? Hold a grudge? NEVER!

Imation SUXORZ!


Imation's lifetime guaranteed disks are still up and dying on me at the most inopportune moments, so why not honour their products with a cartoon? Or two. Or Three.

The Care Bears twist at the end is not necessarily the result of me running out of ideas, but rather due to the fact that I drew the first bit of this cartoon the day before an "80's Cartoon Video" evening, at which I was subjected to the Care Bears Movie (as well as the Transformers and GI Joe movies, so I wasn't completely psychologically disaffected). Oooohboy, you think Barney and Friends is scary? You don't know the meaning of "Juvenile Brainwashing" until you've watched the Care Bears movie from a non-child perspective. This movie holds you down on the ground with one paw while using the other paw to ram the subliminals (HA!) down your throat hard and fast like in Pokemon: The First Movie. However, unlike in the case of Pokemon, the values/morals being thrust upon the viewer by the Care Bears are somewhat outdated and typical of the 1980's, so they stick out more obviously. It's like watching an old Nazi propaganda reel, only less humorous.
Anyway, it turns out that this Care Bears twist will fit in quite snugly with a GCW storyline that I had already planned for GCW's distant future... Stay tuned, keep following the story, and make it your official Care Bear duty to see that everyone in the world shares their feelings.

Today's Quote:
"Aren't parents wonderful?"
- One of those Kids, "The Care Bears Movie"

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