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04/11/02: Happy Guy Fawkes (on the 5th)!


So, didja think that was the funniest cartoon you've seen since last Friday?


Carob eh? YUCK. I have nothing against carob as a non-fatal chocolate substitute for diabetics, but when one's parents insist that one should eat it as an alternative to chocolate because it's healthier, one becomes extremely disillusioned about the evil substance. ICK. I'm sorry, (no I'm not) but once you've tried chocolate, you never go back to carob. BLARGH.
Carob is almost acceptable as an imitation of chocolate.

But not quite.

Carob is the weakest link, goodbye. HBGURGHFLZ.

Leon and the Carob Factory is an older idea for a cartoon that I had a little earlier this year, and turned into a GCW at a Funtime Comics workshop almost exactly a month ago. Yes folks, there's quite a delay between me being inspired and you seeing the result. It's almost as if I am actually quarantined on a faraway planet, forced to draw comics until I earn my ticket back to Earth. Almost as if.

But not quite.

Today's Quote:
"A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men."
- Roald Dahl

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