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17/11/02: All Computer Companies Suck, now.

Imation BLOWXORS!!

So "Lara Goth, Grave Robber" seems like a bit of an unrelated digression, eh? Here in Christchurch, NZ, there were some grave robbings recently. The perpertrators were found to be (or at least portrayed as).... GOTHS! How stereotypical. So of course I had to go and be all insensitive and make it into a funny parody of Lara Croft, Tomb Raider. I have nothing against Goths personally; why, some of my friends are Goths and I don't hold it against them. Furthermore, I was once a bit of a Goth myself.
However, I grew out of that phase when I realised that pretending to be depressed all the time wasn't as much fun as pretending to be happy with life.

Today's Quote:
"i want to be a bloody dream
lost but not confused
there is so much importants to leave behind
and i must always remember
fear of the dark is
is just the knowledge that something
could be there."

- Xeentar, an authentic Goth whose homepage turned up when I Googled "goth quotes". Just like a typical "this-is-my-homepage-and-this-is-a-photo-of-my-cat" page, but Goth.

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