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02/09/02: Impostor!

Let's give three cheers, then one cheer more
For the first Guest Comic of Goodbye Cruel W... um, World!

Page one! Ah ah ah ah ah!

Page two! Ah ah ah ah ah!

Page three! Ah ah ah ah ah!

I feel so special. I have a fan who is about as fanatical about GCW as I am. And I must say, Cholerae has certainly done his homework - I thought that the GCW Drinking Game was meant to sum up GCW in a few words and images, but Noel Picks Up Smoking has captured the essence of GCW quite uncannily. We've got Noel being suicidal, Leon being smart, Noel annoying Leon, Noel doing un-PC stuff (smoking & burgling), Noel taking on The Big Corporation, hairbrained moneymaking schemes, and reincorporation of gag characters whom you thought were just backgrounders... and a bunch of other cool stuff too.
And I must again say Well Done Cholerae, for making a punchline at the end of every page.

So who's next in line for making me a guest comic/mimic? YOU? Yeah, go on, you can draw. Or maybe you can use the cut-n-paste feature of Photoshop.
My inimitable style isn't THAT inimitable and hey - I'm not going to be around forever, so who's going to carry on the glorious tradition of GCW when I'm dead (or just too damn lazy)? According to's online life expectancy generator, you've only got (at the most!) just over half a century until I kick the bucket.

Goodbye, Cruel World!

This quoted time could be even less, considering that I:
* Drive
* Drink Coca Cola
* Am but a mere mortal
* Eat 2 minute noodles
* Am fascinated by fire
* Have failing eyesight
* Am on the FBI's top ten most dangerous supervillains list
* Don't drink a glass of red wine every day
* Am exposed to computer monitor radiation on a regular basis
* Am related to a LOT of dead people

So! What will it be? How will Andrew die? Plane crash? Heart attack? Death penalty? Runaway swarm of Siberian killer bees? Place bets NOW! BET BET BET-BET-BET! BAAAAAANZAAAAIIIIII....

Today's Quote:
"Always two, there are: A master and an apprentice."
- Yoda.

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