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05/09/02: The NZ National Penis Day Special!

Yes folks, Thursday (oops) is National Penis Day here in NZ, so here at GCW, we've decided to celebrate by playing the Penis Game... BUT EXTREEEEME!!!!


Ever played the Penis Game? Where you take turns at yelling out "penis" louder than the person before you did? The winner is the one with the biggest... inferiority complex.

I actually drew this cartoon last year while Noel was returning to Earth from his Martian vacation. Then I forgot allll about it until I was recently searching my HD for a lost file (which I didn't find) and there was the ultimate Penis Game comic. Wasn't that lucky?

Comments I have received for this cartoon:

"The PENIS GAME comic just had me cry with laughter." - Labrat Trasher, Australia

"I frikking pissed in my pants with laughter, especially with that ending frame...
PENIS!!!" -Cholerae, Belgium

Today's Quote:
"Isn't it awfully nice to have a penis?"
- Monty Python.

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