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30/08/02: T.F.I.F.!

Bottoms up!
Bottoms up!

Da Rulz!
Consume once if:
Skull! Noel says "Yarp"
Skull!Somebody whom you thought was dead makes a reappearance
Skull!Something bad happens to Edward
Skull!Somebody gets eaten
Skull!There is a reference to Star Wars
Skull!There is a reference to 2001: A Space Odyssey
Skull!There is a reference to Commander Keen
Skull!There is a really bad terminal pun, but Pun-Man isn't present
Skull!A celebrity gets bashed/killed
Skull!Noel presses a red button
Skull!Andrew rants on about how great he is as a cartoonist

Consume twice if:
Skull!Somebody or something gets clobbered by a violent woman
Skull!There is a reference to Scooby Doo
Skull!Noel makes an appearance without his glasses
Skull!A character undergoes spontaneous permanent character alteration
Skull!Leon gets really, REALLY grumpy
Skull!The Grinch makes an appearance
Skull!A character with 20/20 vision starts wearing glasses, only to have later mysteriously stopped wearing them for no explained reason (This actually happens twice)

Consume thrice if (Tricky! These only occur once!):
Skull!An inanimate object is shown to have internal bones
Skull!Da Grim Rapper has a hangover
Skull!The word "Crap" appears TWICE in one comic
Skull!Leon wears pants

BONUS! Consume twice again if:
Skull!You make an appearance in a GCW comic
Skull!You don't laugh at "Edward's Whacky Adventures Never End!" (You need to drink more!)
Skull!One of the episodes where somebody vomits causes you to follow suit.
Skull!You can find a moral to every single cartoon in series one (You're obviously nowhere near as drunk as you ought to be... or maybe you're just way TOO drunk!)
Skull!You find the hidden picture of Andrew, naked, in at least two out of the total of seven episodes which contain such imagery. (Yeah, I know that after seeing me naked you'd want to drink more than just twice, but I'm restricting you to only TWO bonus skulls. Suffer.)
Skull!The MIDI Music actually loads. DOUBLE BONUS: Consume twice again if you attempt to sing along!
Skull!You can read Andrew's handwriting
Skull!More than 10 people actually read GCW comics regularly
Skull!You actually like a comic so much that you vote for me in the top "100 Cartoonist Websites" poll. (But remember that if you don't, Earth is doomed.)
Skull!Somebody, ANYBODY sends me an e-mail. I'm so lonely in here and they won't let me out again. Not after what happened last time. Won't somebody talk to me? Please?

Empty Vessel and declare yourself the winner if:
Skull!Noel finally kills himself (The Lemmingdance shootout doen't count - he doesn't actually DIE!)

Click here for the complete and utter list of GCW episodes!

Today's Quote:
"Oh, god. Oh, god. Oh g-uhgh- hurpfl- BLOOOOAAAARRRRGH!!!!!*splarsh* GASP!"
- You

(Yes, you. You know who you are, even if I don't.)

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