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Ha ha! Short people are like little Hobbitses!

So it's Saint Patrick's Day and wouldn't you know it, this date just happens to coincide with an episode of GCW that features a leprechaun as an incidental gag character. What're the odds, eh?
So - I'm taking the piss outta short people, now. Am I qualified to do that? Yes. Yes, I am. For years since I started school, (here we go) I was the second shortest person in my class. And it sucked. When I was about 16 or 17, I started growing out of it. Soon I was a little above "average" height, which is probably the sort of tallness that I am now (for a New Zealander, that is...). So now I'm out for revenge. After absorbing all that "ha ha you're so short, let's take advantage of that" torment that schoolkids like to inflict on one another, I'm starting to emit it. NOW who's short? Huh? Huh? YOU are! My, how the tables have turned. Hah hah hah haaaah! Gimme all your lunch money, pipsqueak! ((-:{

This week's comic is dedicated to all the short people of the world, whose struggle to overcome their crippling disadvantage is an inspiration to the rest of us. We look down upon you shorties with patronising, holier-than-thou fondness, pat you on the head and say "awww, isn't that cute? Just like a shetland pony, only human-like!"

Today's Quote:
"Even the smallest person can change the course of the future" -Galadriel, L.O.T.R. I

See? Isn't she just gut-wrenchingly patronising to those who are shorter than her?

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