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23/03/03: Fresh each day, my ass!

What if...

This comic was drawn on 21/03/01, and at last, here it is for you all to see, two years later. Observant/critical/pedantic viewers may notice the subtle differences between the style of this comic (ignoring the colour) and the style into which the more recent Noel & Leon comics have evolved. Who knows what those two lemmings may look like... in the year two thousand!!! Oh wait, that futuristic phrase doesn't quite work, these days...

Anyway, the reason as to why you haven't seen this comic until now is that when I drew it, it was going to lead into a storyline about Noel & Leon's whacky adventures in a Jetsonian future-world, and their quest to find the world's geekiest geeks who had managed to preserve the Old Ways by escaping into the sewers in a high-tech submarine/hovercraft, thereby shielding themselves from the Y2K Bug. But then Noel went to Mars and Leon went to Hell, and this cartoon went into the pile of GCWs and got forgotten... until recently, when archaeologists dug it up.

Today's comic is dedicated to John Wyndham (and all his various pseudonyms) for his views of what the year 2000 - and 1996, for that matter - might hold for mankind.

Today's Quote:
"Jane! Get me off this crazy thing!" -George Jetson

See you in the future!

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