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04/10/02: Ya Wood, Woodn't ya?

Worst Film Ever

In case you didn't know, Bela lugosi was the only good thing to ever emerge from the craptacular film career of Edward D. Wood Jr.
Unfortunately, Lugosi - who played an undead henchman in Plan 9 From Outer Space - ironically up and died during the creation of this film, leaving Ed Wood no option but to substitute the actor with a guy who looked nothing like the deceased. (After all, it just wouldn't do to have Lugosi's corpse playing the part of a corpse.) Underestimating the perceptiveness of potential audiences, Ed simply told Lugosi's "skull double" to hold his coat up around his face so that nobody, in theory, would know the difference.
You may laugh at Ed's folly, but bear in mind that this attitude is still being used on audiences to this day. Really - who thinks Pierce Brosnan looks like (young) Sean Connery? Or Timothy Dalton?

Hey, Geeks! Follow this link for a deeper analysis of the flaws in Plan 9!

Today's Quote:
"Visits? That would indicate visitors!"
- Army Guy, Plan Nine From Outer Space

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