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25/06/03: Happy Birthday Gilles, I'll crack open a cold one for ya!

It's the Epilogue to Lucky Series Seven!
Tastes like chicken!

Happy 18th birthday to Gilles Vandenoostende, who made a GCW Guest comic for me last year, and, after a little inspiration from my GCW cartoons, has started up his own pair of dark & disturbing online comics: Gothboy and Jack The Necrophiliac. You think my comics are disturbing? Take a look at some of his. And he's almost half a decade younger than me! What's the younger generation coming to? It's disgraceful. Imagine what he's gonna be like when he's my age!

Today's comic is dedicated to all my cannibalistic readers. It's finger-lickin' good! And when I say "finger", I ain't talkin' about the finger of the EATER, but of the EATEN! HYUCK, HYUCK, HYUCKITY-HYUCK!

This was the final episode in this series of "Goodbye, Cruel World!", which takes a break for the next few months while I catch my breath after having given GCW its longest-running continuous season yet - from October 31 to June 26 - that's 8 months of GCW! I'll still keep making cartoons in the meantime, but I won't exhume GCW until, say, this Halloween...

Today's Quote:
"Death ends a life, not a relationship." -Jack Lemmon

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