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Wednesday, Week Twenty-Seven:
Or should that be "07/04/01", which is the American format for the date?
God Bless America!
I drew this one waaayyhayyy back in the beginning, when the "Bonnie The Zombie Vanquisher" thread was still being penned. Thanks again to Slothboy who suggested doing a GCW with Saddam Hussein in it, just to scare the Yanks. Muahaha. No harm intended! (-: If you were offended by this cartoon, too bad. If you were offended AND found it funny, then you may receive ten points and advance to GO. If you weren't offended in the slightest, then may the fourth law of thermodynamics be with you, only crunchy. Keyring. (148.4)

The ASCIIs... coming soon... later.

The 1st GCW EVER! Movie Poster Parody #1 Ludichristening!