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14/10/02: Another Sing-Along!

Okay, kids. This GCW Sing-Along Comic has an actual MP3 of me singing it (with some minor variations 'cause I was singing the lyrics from memory)!
You can download the complete song here (you may need to right-click this link and "Save as"), and take a listen... IF YOU DARE.

Winston the Excrement!

And that's what I think of Reality TV, especially "Made In NZ" Reality TV. No, I really don't give a winston about barbecues in the rhododendron gardens of washed-up ruggers/newsreaders who have opinions of political current events. You are the weakest link, sod off.

Today's Quote:
"Iím going to take a bath so the whole tent doesnít smell like ass."
- Nick, Survivor: The Australian Outback

(...Apparently. I don't watch that tripe, so I wouldn't know. Cheers, Google.)

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