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21/10/02: Whom Does TMST Love The Most?

If you can't see this image it is becuse AllRandom isn't living up to its reputation right now.

Well, it's just like they say: The best things in life are free!
Speaking of which... PAY ME, YOU MUGS! I can't just keep putting cartoons on the web indefinitely without encouragement. And when I say "pay me", I'm not talking about money, because I know that's just being na´ve. I mean PAY ME VISITS, i.e. VISIT THIS WEBSITE MORE OFTEN and GET MORE PEOPLE TO VISIT! (Please.)

Update: Suddenly, without warning, AllRandom simply vanished before I could back up a lot of things that they were hosting. Many comics, songs, and other artwork by myself were lost in the AllRandom tragedy. Some have been restored, but others may never be recovered. For a while, I refused to post this comic again, but now I'm finally getting over it. So I won't pretend that I didn't once think that was the greastest thing since But even though I'm posting this comic, I still hate what they did to the TooMuchSpareTime network. So I'm posting this comic not just to demonstrate that I'm not as bitter as I once was, but also to prove just how much of a complete fool I made of myself. Let's all laugh at "past Andrew"! How could he be so naive?! Ha ha! Oh geeze... The things we do for free hosting... ^_^

Today's Quote:
"Some people get so rich they lose all respect for humanity. That's how rich I want to be."
- Rita Rudner

(Well, well, it seems that I'm halfway there already, you contemptible schmucks.)

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