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12/05/03: Snap back to reality...

Moral: "Winners Don't Use Drugs."

And thus, the winning streak comes to a heart-stabbing end. Awwww.

Today's comic is dedicated to the coaches of the Timaru soccer team Hearts Cheetahs in 1992, the team that I played in when I was 12. It wasn't their fault that we lost "a two digit number to nil" nearly every week. By golly, we sucked (well, MOST of us did), and unfortunately that suckiness reflected badly on them. It just goes to show - Cheetahs never win. (Wah-wah.)

Today's Quote:
"Sports do not build character. They reveal it." -Heywood Broun.

I beg demand to differ: "Sport is character building, but only if you lose." - Andrew Kepple

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