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30/12/01: The "Sod Off, 2001 A.D." Special!


Wow. That's it. Noel and Leon are finally reunited, and Noel goes to get his revenge on the big fulla who got them into the whole "Hell/Mars" mess way back in, like, April or something. (WOW!) It's strange to think that our two lemmings have spent most of their time this year in places other than Planet Earth... But this little resolution doesn't mean that there are no loose ends like the God/Satan elections, and the fact that there's a Martian deathship in low earth orbit. And not to mention the matter of the Pun-Family Robinson.
In other news, I'm revamping this whole page for next year, so don't be alarmed when you tune in and find that things look a little... different. GCW will always be posted on this page - until I tell Geocities where to go (and what to do to itself when it gets there). May they burn with Imation.
Well, have a mindless December 31st and a hung-over new year - hopefully sufficiently hung-over such that you are unaware of the gargantuan rocks that come ploughing down from the heavens, annihilating all life on your puny planet. Bwa ha ha.

Today's Quote:
"Now Gods, stand up for bastards!" - Edmund, from "King Lear", by The Ba***rd himself!


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