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01/01/02: GCW's 100th Episode!

Happy... New...


SO! ...How was your new year? Well, duh, you don't know yet - it's still only the first week of January!
How about that animated spew then? Hm? What a nice way to bring in the new year. Not to mention waking up next to somebody whom you wish was a stranger (as opposed to just being "stranger than thou"). And what about those new year's resolutions eh? What grandiose promises did YOU make during YOUR inebriated foolishness last night? My NYR for GCW is to keep the comic going and not destroy it like I was planning to. Did you know that in GCW's infancy, I was already formulating plans to end the comic with a universe-destroying tragedy scheduled for its first anniversary? I postponed the doomsdate for later in 2002, but it was just the other day in fact when I decided, "Nah, I might as well prolong everybody's suffering for at least another year."


Oh yeah, here's the new GCW banner for this year:
Goodbye, Cruel World!

Today's Quote:
"Burrrp!" - Peter Jackson in Lord Of The Rings (That's his cameo in Fellowship - watch out for it!)

Mousepads and T-shirts and coffee mugs, oh my!
Mousepad-Assisted Suicide

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