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23/07/01: The "Absolutely No Reason For Having A Special Episode But We're Gonna Have One Anyway" Special!!!!!

Meanwhile, In so-called 'Reality'...
Meanwhile, everywhere else...

True Confessions of Cartoonists, Prophetic Planetary Configurations, Secret Satanic Cults, Mad Martian Reflections... what next? Well, since you asked, another whacky MIDI musical. It may take a bit longer to crank out, so I'm leaving y'all with this "Special" episode ("Special", in that it's slightly longer than most others, and it stars moi) to mull over while I compose myself, grit my teeth, start composing, and then put it all together in the evillest of all computer programs, namely A.S. (I won't puts it whole name here, 'cause it's not worthy of being referred to any longer on this website. Yes, not even THIS website.

The ASCIIs... coming soon... later.

The 1st GCW EVER! Marooned On Mars In The Hall Of The Martian King