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Firstly, the final GCW cartoon for this year...


And, moving right along, it's time for that special Christmas pressie that I promised you. So here it is...

GCW for a year!

Click on the links below to download the images for each of the 24 pages for the 2003 calendar! All you have to do then is print them out! I printed mine out on 24 A4 pages.

January (image)
January (month)
February (image)
February (month)
March (image)
March (month)
April (image)
April (month)
May (image)
May (month)
June (image)
June (month)
July (image)
July (month)
August (image)
August (month)
September (image)
September (month)
October (image)
October (month)
November (image)
November (month)
December (image)
December (month)

Yeah, so I managed to get a net connection going, late on Christmas Day. But I'm not going to get all cocky about it and tell Jason to not update the emergency page on New Year's Day, because that would just be crying out for a strict enforcement of Murphy's Law.

Today's Quote:
Ho ho ho!
- Father Christmas

The 1st GCW EVER!Clash of the Fantasequels Well I certainly enjoyed it. So who's up for another round?