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19/12/02: Sequelitis


At last, it all comes together: The towers, the spectacles, the broomstick, the car chase, and the fragment of glass scraping a lightning-bolt into Brainy's forehead. But why did he explode? Because Brainy Smurf was always getting blown up by those mail bombs that the other Smurfs kept on sending him. Damn Smurfs and their mail bombs. What's next? Anthrax? Kamikaze missions? Anyway.
My most profound apologies to my astronomically-minded readers who may note that the moon in this comic is not a full moon, which is a terrible innacuracy brought on by the fact that a C-shaped moon is what I'm used to representing the moon with. Last night, a full moon shone down from the sky above. Arg.

Did you spot my face-brickingly subtle "cameo" in the comic? (If thou thinkest that thou art elfier than I, then takest thyself perforce to yonder fora in the land of Strife from whence thou might challenge me to a duel of elfnicity.) Didja spot Mulletboy's cameo? Yes, Mulletboy would have to be at LOTR2. After all, he was the star of my animated short called Lord of the Ringtones, which won me the LOTR2 ticket in the first place. Cheers, MB.

Tune in on Christmas for the last episode of GCW for this year, plus a bonus "special something" for your entertainment.

Today's Quote:
"Toss me."
- Gimli, Lord of the Rings 2: The Two Towers