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31/03/04: GCW's Third Guest Strip EVER!

Idle hands...

This much-needed guest strip was sent in by Alex Westley of
Oh and look at that - he even included an animutation reference!

Whatever is HE insinuating with his "smoking" allegations? I think that Alex HIMSELF is more likely to be "on something", given the wackiness of his comic!

DISCLAIMER: "Smoking" "something" does not necessarily give you the ability to draw wacky comics. An overabundance of "spare" "time" does.
And in case you're "wondering", YES, I AM making the "inverted commas" with my "hands" as I "type" "this". """"""""""

Can YOU do better? Then SEND YOUR EFFORTS TO ME! I'll even accept artforms as low as FURRY SLASH FICTION at this stage, that's how desperate I am.
Desperate for GCW guest material I mean, not Furry Sl.. oh never mind. )-:|

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