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19/04/04: The comic that you deserve.

Samurai Swashbuckler

Hold your mouse pointer over the different segments of the comic to see the artist's name.
In order of contribution, the artists are: Cholerae (AKA Gilles Vandenoostende) whose GCW fanart has always supported TmsT through times of darkness, kicking off the story with a Cholerae trademark Film Noir-esque exposition; Phoolboy (AKA Phooly McLame AKA El Phuel) with the childish yet humorous development; Samurai Swashbuckler (whose enormous artist's signature was so big and dominating his picture that it had to be amputated in the interests of your internet connection speed), with an undoubtedly "1337" but spineless attempt to get credit for Cholerae's artwork; and finally Toadie with a witty cadence to the whole absurd situation.
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