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Saturday, Week Twenty-Four: 16/06/01:
And now, back to the story! One small step f... Eewwww! I stepped in something!

I'm pretty certain there's a moral to this cartoon, I'm just not sure what it is. But I suspect that it doesn't apply to me anyway.

Well, sorry about the delay, folks! Read my feeble excuse HERE.

So I've been busy with the University of Canterbury Comedy Club show, Bigger Brother. But it hasn't all been detrimental to GCW -- one of the skits in Bigger Brother inspired the ending to this cartoon; the skit was about a Russian cosmonaught and an American astronaught who were arguing about who was going to set foot on Mars first. Suffice to say it ended in senseless violence, and the first great words spoken on the red planet were "Die, you Yankee bastard!" and "Aaaargh! Argh! Argh- 'Gh-" (if they can so be described as words). You had to be there. (And if you weren't you are a DUMB-ASS!!!) Degeneration into senseless violence was one of our running gags.
Anyway, speaking of gags, there'll be another GCW cartoon here shortly to make up for the ones that I missed recently. For All Mankind.

Due to Leon being damned to Hell and all, he is unable to update his web-comic at present. But soon he'll be back into it again, you can bet your last kopek.
Well maybe not your LAST kopek, I mean, surely you've got more kopeks than that?

The 1st GCW EVER! Rutherfraud Beelze-BUB