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Friday, Week Ten: 09/03/01
The First Series' Finale!!!
Neo-barking mad!
But wait - the story doesn't end here, this is just an adbreak, to say LET ME KISS YOUR ASS to...

(Clicky-clicky if you like!)

And now we return you to our regularly scheduled grand finale...

Notice the reference to Neobaka in the frame where Flandalf gets shot - a shocked Dave, an appalled Glen and a tittering Yuki can be seen, center frame. Also note in the next frame, Skelly's cheeks are puffing out as she blows the smoke off the pistol. Betcha never thought you'd see a skeleton's cheeks puff out, eh? Welcome to the world of cartoons, where the rules of normality are bent by the laws of cliche!
This didn't come out so good (coz of the budget scanner!), but over in that dark green patch in the center right edge of the final "frame", there are some dogs burying Skelly's bones. And so we say "Goodbye, Cruel Character!" to one of GCW's most loathsome and backstabby baddies...


For the start of this tale of anti-SUC conspiracy, start from the very beginning.

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