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22/03/02: The GCW-and-Scapegoat special! Two cartoons for the price of one... SOUL!
Eat ya veggies

And now for Scapegoat!

What the Hell happened here?

Here ya go. Don't get impatient (like me). Just one more Scapegoat episode to go! Well, that's not such a thing to celebrate, I guess - One more to go and then... no more. So I've decided to post up the super-long grand finale of Scapegoat just before I vanish off to the Armageddon geekfest aroud the 10th of April. But then again, I'll probably end up being inspired to do more Scapegoats while I'm there. Or if I see any of YOU lot there to give me feedback on it. C'mon, I'll sign your autograph book! Please?

The GCW comic is the first one that I drew this year. The story of Spuddy dying is just one that I just happened to steer in the direction of this comic during the Evil Toaster saga. Come to think of it, "Spuddy and the Vegetarians" is an idea for a comic that I had back in early 2001. The plan was to schedule that comic for World Vegetarian Day, which is in September or something, but by that stage I was on a break from web-comics. So it's not scheduled for World Veggie Day after all, and if you don't like it you can feed a vegetarian some whale meat and tell 'em it's lentils.

The 1st GCW EVER!Let's all go to the Carnival! Let Him Be Crucified!